Horsemanship Is Learning Their Language

A good horseman seeks to communicate with the horse in ways the animal will understand. If you search for a definition of horsemanship online, you’ll find the following: ”A rider or driver of horses, especially one whose skill is exceptional; a person skilled in caring for and managing horses. Skill in, or the art of, riding, managing or training horses.” I think the skill … Continue reading Horsemanship Is Learning Their Language

Walter Zettl’s Shoulder-In Entwickeln Exercise

Use Walter Zettl's shoulder-in entwickeln exercise to improve your dressage horse's suppleness, balance and rhythm.   In the shoulder-in entwickeln exercise you ride shoulder-in on the long side, straighten your horse on the diagonal track, ask for shoulder-in again and ride the movement back to the track. This shoulder-in exercise by Walter Zettl requires an … Continue reading Walter Zettl’s Shoulder-In Entwickeln Exercise

How to improve the feeling in your hand

Everyone always talks about having the horse ON the aids, not in front or behind them. I want to share with you a great exercise for a softer hand. This will invite your horse ONTO the bit for better communication.  It doesn’t matter if you ride Western or English, do the Hunters, Jumpers, or Dressage at any level, or just want … Continue reading How to improve the feeling in your hand