Eyes up

Did you know that your eye is directly linked to the floor of your pelvis???…If your eyes just got bigger and started wandering to your crotch you want to know more about this!

How many times have you been told by your instructor….eyes up, look where you are going…..Here is a deeper (literally) reason why. Do this: sit on the edge of a hard chair in the same position as you would on a horse, even put your hands out as if you are holding a set of reins. Your eyes should be looking ahead and your shoulder, hip and heels should be aligned just like on the horse. (Think of stretching up from your sternum). Keep looking ahead, but shift your concentration to the floor of your pelvis (the connection between right and left seat bone and hip). Now bring your eyes down and look at the floor between your toes but pay attention to the shift in the floor of your pelvis. As your eyes drop the floor of your pelvis will tilt forward and the communication with your horse has changed unintentionally.

Your whole spine and pelvic floor is closely connected to the horse’s spine and any shift in your pelvis, unintentionally as in this case will cause a shift in the horse. We are all guilty of looking down too much… and I know I constantly have to work on it, but when I think of how it changes the communication of my spine with the horse’s spine I keep telling myself….Eyes UP! 

Trick or Treat

Metaphor: Next time you are driving your car or riding a bike, look down at your knees and see how long your eyes wants to be there before you feel unsafe in relationship to where you are and where you want to go. We need to look ahead to be able to see where we are going and to be able to be proactive, react and respond to any traffic situation or that rock or pot hole in the way of the bike.

Life: Just like in riding, live in the moment (the stride you are on) but look ahead where you want to be (eyes on the track) it is the only way to be in the now but not lose track of where you want to be.


                                                                             Copyright2015 Juliana Zunde


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